THE WINTER OFFICE is an experimental artistic group generating advanced design solutions for the 21st century challenges of a sustainable urban infrastructure. Design for us encompasses artistic and architectural innovations that produce human and post-human alternatives to status quo approaches to the built environment.

Through a rigorous process of collaborative experimentation, our group practices the solutions we seek to offer by engaging in a process of brainstorming dialogue and innovative thinking that goes beyond individualistic and hierarchical notions of artistic creativity, architecture, design and the social sciences. Rather, we integrate these design/academic disciplines into a practice of spatial justice in which the construction of a new notion of the urban landscape is the outcome. Our blended collaboration uncovers new relations between livability, dwelling, and resilience. And as such, we move from discourses of human survival to a spatial vision of a 21st century urban environment where all living things thrive.

While rooted in the histories of art and architecture, we use a range of practical tools to sketch various developmental dynamics and configurations in Spatial Justice, Landscape and the Built Environment. Our diagram (see figure 1, below), makes visible our view of collaboration as a restorative tool to resuscitate a dialogue between Dignity and Architecture. The horizontal axis of the graph represents the status quo of unilateral or hierarchical design standards, like those found in the architectural conventions that ignore a range of community oriented needs.

Communities require new forms of regeneration, resilience, and cross-generational conservation of their human and natural habitats. More urgently, each of these communities eagerly await new models of restoration that take seriously creating an enabling habitat for all living things. For this reason, our group shoulders the responsibility to rethink design through a deep understanding of 21st century ethics of spatial development. To this end, we offer the vertical line (spatial justice) as it represents the point at which human dignity in the architecture and design can transform urban space into human and post-human places.

THE WINTER OFFICE sees collaboration as both a design methodology and a process of knowledge formation. We learn through collaboration as methodology, because it helps us focus and understand how to put architecture in closer and more meaningful conversation with spatial justice through cognitive engineering, human management theory, and intentional adaptation strategies.


Our work group seeks to build physical spaces that foreground the well-being of communities through creative knowledge systems.

Creative knowledge making in real contexts is at the center of our consultation and perspective. We aim to build space through alternative approaches for architecture. We embrace the blend of art and design to find new structures and objects and are humbled by the challenges of crises our evolving world presents to us. We approach such challenges with confidence, because ours is a collaboration of experienced and deeply committed artists, designers, and architects.

We rely on a three prong approach to consult on developing a new urban landscape.

1. Community Oriented Design is fundamental for our consulting and artistic work; we practice it in order to favorably impact the quality of life of the target communities we seek to engage.

2. Promotion of new knowledge for emerging community needs is essential to our practice of Market Oriented Design. Unearthing knowledge in communities and putting them in dialogue with architectural, artistic, and environmental models of change creates new knowledge and yields new solutions.

3. Market and Community Oriented Design is achievable by allowing agendas to be heard in the process and the final design. In that way, design fosters community.

To this end, our consultation research values the participation and involvement of actors with completely different profiles, while seeking reciprocal contributions from architects, social scientists, designers, artists, students, and community leaders.


The Winter Office
København, Danmark

Las Dos Europas.
Founding logo and study for a neon installation.
TWO, 2011.

Ida Elisabeth Jensen
Visual Communication Designer
& Art Director

Lise Grüner Bertelsen
Curator, Writer & Research

Camilo Andres Montoya
Political Science
& Research Consultant

Sara Armento
Architect & Designer Consultant

Gro Sarauw
Artist, Project Leader
& Architectural Consultant

Johanna Ferrer Guldager
Co-founder, Architect
& Urban Planner Consultant

Rasmus List Thomsen

Hugo Hopping
Co-founder, Artist
& Director

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